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Personal Lines of Insurance for Mississauga

Meadowvale Insurance Brokers Ltd. can offer you a variety of packages to insure your home, condominium or rental property. Whether you're looking for basic coverage or comprehensive, our brokers can find a package to suit your needs.

Please browse through the reference material we have put together for you, or send us your information for a quote.

Minimizing Loss

Keeping your home in good repair helps minimize the odds of a loss. The following home maintenance schedule details useful maintenance tasks that should be done, with guidelines as to how frequently they should be performed.

Download and print a copy of our home maintenance checklist to help you minimize the potential for loss.

Creating a Home Inventory

Keeping track of your household items not only helps to determine how much contents insurance you should have, it also helps things go more smoothly should a loss occur.

Download the home inventory schedule to help you keep track of household goods and their corresponding replacement values.

Home Safety Tips

Here are a few home safety tips that might help to prevent future losses.

As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is equal to a pound of cure.

Combustible materials and flames don't mix. When working in the basement with paint, paint strippers, varnishes, and other combustibles, turn off the pilot lights inside both the furnace and the water heater. Certain fumes will result in a fire or explosion when they make contact with a flame. Don't take a cigarette break anywhere near the fumes – it could be your last.

If you think leaving an extra house key under the mat or on top of a door frame is a good idea, chances are a thief has thought of it too. Your best bet is to leave the key with a neighbour or somewhere on their property. Even if a burglar stumbled upon the key, he wouldn't know which door it opened.

If you're living in an apartment building, don't list your first name on the directory. Use the first initial and make sure the listings are uniform. For example, if the only first names listed are males, an intruder might assume the apartment units listed by initials are occupied by females. If you live alone, you may want to list two initials, like A. & B. Doe.

Propane has a very distinctive odour associated with boiled cabbage or rotten eggs. The smell is designed to help you detect leaks. In case of a leak: turn off the cylinder valve, evacuate the immediate area and eliminate all sources of ignition. This includes extinguishing open flames and not turning light switches on or off. Let the area ventilate for a few minutes and then look for the leak with soap and water or call a qualified service person. Store propane tanks upright and outdoors.

If you own a backyard pool, a fence is essential for safety. You don't want anyone wandering onto your property and taking a dip or falling in. When a responsible adult is not around to supervise, secure the gate with a childproof lock. Consider investing in a cordless phone to keep by the pool in case of an emergency.

Helmets are essential for all bike riders, especially for youngsters, who should get into the habit of wearing protective headgear right from the start. A helmet should sit snugly atop the head in a level position and not rock back and forth or from side to side. If it’s too loose, it won't offer sufficient protection. Just as you buckle up in a car, you need to "helmet up" on your bike.

Spring cleaning often involves sweeping the fireplace you have used all winter. Blocked and improperly vented chimneys can lead to carbon monoxide build-up and force deadly gases into your home. A poorly vented chimney can also cause fires. A professional inspection may alert you to trouble spots before they turn into potential hazards. Have your chimney checked on a regular basis.

Rags that have absorbed oil, paint, glue and other chemicals, fuels or solvents are extremely flammable. In fact, they can sometimes burst into flames spontaneously. To prevent this, store soiled rags outdoors in a closed metal container. Better yet, properly dispose of them promptly on garbage day. Never keep these rags indoors.

Squirrels, raccoons and mice - oh my! Don't let them turn your attic into their home during the winter. These furry creatures can chew through the protective covering on electrical wiring and create a fire hazard. Critters may also pack down your home insulation and cause heat loss. If you've got guests of the peltry persuasion, call an electrician to inspect your wiring and then call the local humane society for tips on eviction.

During the holiday season, nothing brightens up a home like a Christmas tree or outdoor lights. As with any electrical item, lights have the potential to be hazardous to your home. Examine light strings carefully before reusing them each year. Discard those with frayed cords, cracks in the lamp holder or loose connections. Check that bulb reflectors are the right size for the light string and that there is insulation between the lamp and the metal part of the reflector.

Never store or use gasoline in the home. Gasoline is a motor fuel only. Keep small quantities in an approved container designed to store gasoline, and store outside, preferably in a locked, detached shed. Wipe up spills immediately and never refuel motors near heat sources, sparks or cigarettes.

Never smoke in bed or in a place where you may fall asleep. Use deep ashtrays so a lit cigarette won't roll out and fall onto rugs or furniture. Ensure all hot embers in an ashtray are extinguished before emptying it into the trash. And, always keep matches and lighters out of reach of children.

Meadowvale Insurance Brokers Ltd. serves all of Ontario, particularly the following areas:

In the Hamilton Area:

  • Hamilton
  • Stoney Creek
  • Ancaster
  • Waterdown

In the Oakville Area:

  • Oakville
  • Burlington
  • Milton
  • Mississauga


  • Georgetown and Surrounding Areas
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